Top Ten Ways to Save Home Energy Costs in Arizona

Six Ways to Save: Keep Your Home Cool in the Arizona Heat!

Stay Comfortable and Save Money in the Arizona Summer With These 6 Tips and Tricks

Arizona summers, the time when the sun laughs and the pavement melts! As the mercury rises and air conditioning units hum ceaselessly, we Arizonans find ourselves caught between a scorching rock and a blazing hard place. However, fear not, brave souls; here are six ways to save on home energy costs during the sizzling season in our great state of Arizona.

1. Embrace Your Inner Vampire :

If you’re a creature of the night, congratulations! You have a natural advantage during the summer.

Nighttime temperatures in Arizona can be significantly cooler, so take advantage of this and let the cool air work its magic. Open windows and doors, set up fans to create a cross breeze, and invite that refreshing night air to dance around your home.

Just remember to close everything up in the morning before the sun wakes up, or else you’ll be greeted by a blast furnace of hot air.

2. Befriend Your Ceiling Fan :

The ceiling fan is like the unsung hero of energy efficiency. It not only provides a gentle breeze but also helps distribute cool air more effectively, allowing you to raise the thermostat without sacrificing comfort.

So, clean off those cobwebs, make peace with your ceiling fan, and let it do its cooling magic.

Oh, and don’t forget to set the fan to spin counterclockwise during the summer for optimal cooling effect.

3. Recruit the Window Warriors : 

One guaranteed way to save home energy costs during the Arizona summer is to upgrade to energy-efficient fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are like the ultimate energy-saving warriors; blocking out the searing heat and keeping your home cool.

Say goodbye to roasting in your own home and hello to a blissful, energy-efficient paradise. Plus, you won’t have to pay for a personal fan-waving assistant anymore, which is a bonus!

In the wild west of Arizona, also you need windows that can withstand anything—heatwaves, dust storms, and the occasional tumbleweed. Enter fiberglass windows, the Chuck Norris of the window world. Unlike vinyl windows, fiberglass windows won’t melt or warp in the Arizona sun.

No matter how intense the sun shines or how rowdy the monsoon winds blow, these windows will stand strong, like a luchador in a tornado. So, rest easy, my friend, knowing your windows can handle anything Arizona throws their way.

 4. Make “Shady” Deals :

Let’s start with an often overlooked solution: shading.

Embrace your inner palm tree and strategically plant tall, leafy trees near windows and walls to block out the sun’s fiery gaze. Not only will you create your own little oasis, but you’ll also reduce your reliance on air conditioning, saving money and the planet simultaneously.

Just remember not to mistake your tree shade for a hammock—it won’t be as comfortable!

5. Help Your AC Work Smarter, Not Harder :

Our beloved air conditioning units can be energy guzzlers, so don’t let them run wild. Instead, make sure your home is properly insulated to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Insulate windows and doors, seal any gaps, and consider using reflective window films to reduce heat gain. Trust us, you don’t want your air conditioner to start charging you rent for living inside it.

The garage is also one of the most overlooked areas of the house when it comes to energy-efficiency, so be sure to properly insulate and seal your garage; also be sure to look into new, energy-efficient replacement garage doors in Arizona. You can also install a vent or exhaust fan to help draw hot air out of your garage.

Additionally, be sure to schedule regular maintenance for you AC unit to keep it in prime fighting shape. Additionally, checking your ducts for proper seals, changing out your filters, and just keeping a well-maintained system can save you dollars per day.

When it comes to temperature settings, it’s tempting to want to set your thermostat to “North Pole”, but setting your temps at around 78 degrees Fahrenheit strikes a perfect balance between comfort and energy usage. For every degree you go below 78, your AC costs can rise by another 8%

Finally, think about installing a programmable smart thermostat. This can automatically adjust the temperature when you’re out, and you can monitor and make changes via an app on your iPhone or Android device.

 6. Solar-Powered Humans :

If you’re truly committed to energy efficiency and have a sense of adventure, consider going solar. Arizona has an abundance of sunshine that can be transformed into electricity, saving you money in the long run.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to boast to your friends about being a self-proclaimed “solar-powered human.” Just be prepared to make a lot of “I’m so bright” puns at parties.

While an Arizona summer may feel like an uphill battle against the sun’s relentless rays, employing these energy-saving techniques can help you stay cool and keep your wallet happy. So, go forth, brave Arizonans, armed with knowledge and a sense of humor about how ridiculously hot it gets here in the summer, and conquer the scorching season while saving some serious home energy costs.

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