Fiberglass doors play an essential role in keeping you safe from external elements while inside your home. When it comes time to replace them, making the right decision about which doors to install can be difficult. Entry doors come in various styles, designs, and colors, so you’ll find the perfect fit for your style.

You also want to consider the type of material from which your selected entry door is made. The material will play an essential role in accenting your existing exterior property design. Your entry door is the first thing that visitors of your home see, so you want to choose one that makes a great first impression.

To help you make the best buying decision, below is a detailed list of all the fiberglass entry door options available on the market. Always consider your style preference and your home’s layout before installing a new fiberglass entry door.

Types of Entry Doors

As mentioned earlier, there are various types of fiberglass entry door styles from which you choose. Every entry door comes with a unique lock configuration and design. Doors are a long-term investment, so you should take the time to research thoroughly before purchasing one. You can avoid returning your entry door or being unable to install it due to choosing the wrong configuration.

Take a look below to see the most popular fiberglass entry door options you can purchase today:

  • Craftsmen – craftsmen entry doors are created with warm colors and vintage style. If you want an old-school look for your entry door, a craftsmen variety is your best option.
  • Modern- as the name implies, modern entry doors use sleek lines and clean finishes to present a polished look. These types of doors are perfect for condos or other modern themed living spaces.
  • Transitional – transitional entry doors combine elements of the old and new for an eclectic look.
  • Textured & Smooth – smooth & textured doors come in the most varieties. These doors are very durable and provide 5x the insulation of wood. Perfect for a clean finish and protection against outside elements.

These doors add a unique sense of personality and style to your home. As you can tell by the various options above, there is an endless amount of premium fiberglass entry doors from which you choose.

Why choose fiberglass?

There are many advantages to installing fiberglass entry doors in your home. One of the primary benefits is that they are very durable and long-lasting. The material they’re made from does not rust, warp, or rot, which is why they are so resilient.

Fiberglass doors also reduce the amount of heat transferred when your door is used. You can also find fiberglass entry doors that are reminiscent of natural or stained wood. You don’t have to worry about tedious maintenance as the material needs minimal care.

To access all of these various benefits, you’ll have to pay a hefty price as fiberglass entry doors are known to be expensive. Professionals should install fiberglass entry doors because they are a full unit with a frame. If your current entry door frame can’t accommodate a fiberglass door, trimming one will be very expensive.

It’s important to know all of this information before buying any fiberglass doors to install to avoid any issues. The best feature is that they come in various styles & designs. Compared to the different entry door options out on the market, fiberglass variants are becoming more popular.

Before buying any fiberglass entry door for your home, take the time to use all of the information we’ve included in this guide to aid you. For the best results, consult with a professional entry door installer to make sure the job gets done right.